megaman battle network 6 hack credits goes to rockmanexe zone

Hello and welcome to this site’s very own unique MMBN6 Hacking Guide, images included. The main purpose of this guide is to lead more people to hack their own battles, in an easy way. One year has passed since the founding of the first Hacking Guide, and within that year, I have gotten better at writing guides. Remember that this guide will cover everything you need to know about hacking a battle to your heart’s content. So now, behold the easy to understand, image guide, found only in The Rockman EXE Zone (

Here is the only thing you will need:

VBA Emulator (comes with a neat skin)

I will not give you links to ROMs. If you are reading this, you already have one. Don’t know what a ROM is? Figure it out here!
Also, please give yourself some time on this. You should understand it the first time, but still give yourself an hour or more to get it all down well. If you have experience in hacking or the such, this should take no time at all.

So, now that we got that out of the way, on to the instructions. Run VBA and load your game. I suggest you use state saves if you haven’t already. You may need to do this.
When your game is loaded, head on over to ACDC HP, you know the squirrel statue.
Got there? Good, you’re still on track.
user posted image

Now open up VBA’s Memory Viewer. Go there by clicking on “Tools” and select “Memory Viewer” from the dropdown list. There! Your screen should look like this.
user posted image

Now, I don’t expect you to know what everything on that window means, so just do what I say.
Depending on what version of the game you have, you will copy down the address that may be your version of the game.

Faltzer Version (English) = 080B3891
Faltzer Version (Japanese) = 080B5CB5
Grega Version (English) = 080B5101
Grega Version (Japanese) = 080B7515

Make your pick. Copy that address into the address box in the upper right of the memory viewer.I am using Faltzer Version (English), so if you are using this too, you’ve got it easy. Once it’s in, hit “Go” This is what you screen should look like.
user posted image

Before I go on, you need to know a few things. This is the ROM memory of the game. The game reads the data you see there to present the battle you will encounter. I am asking you only to look at the top row of data (values).
Don’t start changing things just yet. If this is your first time hacking, pay attention to the next part. If you think you know already, skip the next paragraph.

The values you see all represent data that the game will load individually to create the battle. The numbering system being used is in hex. In Hex, you count like this:
0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, A, B, C, D, E, F, 10, 11…
Get the idea? That’s all you need to know, I guess.

First, let’s find the battle we will hack. Encounter the battle with 1 Catack and 2 Mettaur3s. Here is what the battle looks like.
user posted image
Take a good look at that, because by the end of this guide, that battle will get a complete make over. How, you ask? Let’s begin. Here’s a picture of the memory again.
user posted image
I’ve highlighted for you, what the data is responsible for. Stay within those boxed areas when editing it.

Now lets start changing the values. I’ll skip Megaman’s data because you may not need this yet.
Start from the 11. This first value is the “Kind Type“. (I got the word “Kind” from SSBM’s Debug Menu. They used Kind to describe what type of thing someone is.)
Lets change this value and see what it does. Here is a list of working values.

Kind List

00= Copy Megaman
01= Enemy Megaman
11= Enemy Team
12= Your Ally
20= Mystery Data
30= Rock
70= Flag
80= Rock Cube
90= Guardian
A0= Metal Cube
F0= Cut off (ends the battle at this value)

Here’s an example of its effects.
user posted image
And a quick not on some of the objects. On some occasions, you can use the virus value to set the exact type of object or even HP. You can’t seem to make the Flag your enemy’s, so it can only be yours. You cannot have all objects. There must be at least one enemy, Kind value 11, to load the battle, or it will crash.

Enough on the Catack. Lets edit the Mettaur’s data now. In his memory box, you now know that the 11 means it’s an enemy. So Now let’s edit the value 16 you have there. This value is “Location“. Depending on what value this is set to, you can move around the virus; where it starts in battle. Here’s the good ol’ example I’ve used since the beginning.


00  01  02  03   04  05  06  07
10 [11][12][13]|[14][15][16] 17
20 [21][22][23]|[24][25][26] 27
30 [31][32][33]|[34][35][36] 37
40  41  42  43   44  45  46  47

Hopefully that little ASCII image helped understand the values. As you can see, 16 is the top back row. Isn’t the Mettaur on that panel? Lets see what happens if you change it to 35. It should be in front of the other Mettaur
However, if you put someone on a panel not on the battlefield, it may be difficult for them to get back on the stage. Try to stay within the stage unless you are planning something sneaky. lol.gif
Not too hard, right?

Alright, next! Now let’s use the third enemy, the second Mettaur. Now we will change the 03 at the end of the row. This is the “Virus Value“. All the enemies in the game can be accessed through this value, well, almost any enemy. So here’s the list of all VIRUSES in the game.

Virus List

00= TestVirus (not normally encountered)
01= Mettaur
02= Mettaur2
03= Mettaur3
04= MettaurSP
05= RareMettaur
06= RareMettaur2
07= Piranha
08= Piranha2
09= Piranha3
0A= PiranhaSP
0B= RarePiranha
0C= RarePiranha2
0D= HeadyA
0E= HeadyH
0F= HeadyW
10= HeadyE
11= RareHeady
12= RareHeady2
13= Swordy
14= Swordy2
15= Swordy3
16= SwordySP
17= RareSwordy
18= RareSwordy2
19= KillerEye
1A= DemonEye
1B= JokersEye
1C= KillerEyeSP
1D= RareKillerEye
1E= RareKillerEye2
1F= Quaker
20= Shaker
21= Breaker
22= QuakerSP
23= RareQuaker
24= RareQuaker2
25= Catack
26= Cateen
27= Catapult
28= CatackSP
29= RareCatack
2A= RareCatack2
2B= Champy
2C= Chumpy
2D= Chimpy
2E= ChampySP
2F= RareChampy
30= RareChampy2
31= WindBox
32= VaccuumFan
33= WindBox2
34= VaccuumFan2
35= RareBox
36= RareFan (not normally encountered)
37= Trumpy
38= Tuby
39= Tromby
3A= MuteAnt
3B= Xylos
3C= TrumpySP
3D= OldStove
3E= OldStove2
3F= OldStove3
40= OldStoveSP
41= RareOldStove
42= RareOldStove2
43= HauntedCandle
44= HauntedCandle2
45= HauntedCandle3
46= HauntedCandleSP
47= RareHauntedCandle
48= RareHauntedCandle2
49= Kettle (only hurt by fire)
4A= Kettle
4B= SuperKettle
4C= KettleDX
4D= KettleSP (black)
4E= RareKettle (not normally encountered)
4F= Puffy
50= Puffy2
51= Puffy3
52= PuffySP
53= RarePuffy
54= RarePuffy2
55= StarFish
56= StarFish2
57= StarFish3
58= StarFishSP
59= RareStarFish
5A= RareStarFish2
5B= EarthDragon
5C= ThunderDragon
5D= WaterDragon
5E= WoodDragon
5F= WhiteDragon
60= BlackDragon
61= ScareCrow
62= ScareCrow2
63= ScareCrow3
64= ScareCrowSP
65= RareScareCrow
66= RareScareCrow2
67= PulseBulb
68= PulseBulb2
69= PulseBulb3
6A= PulseBulbSP
6B= RarePulseBulb
6C= RarePulseBulb2
6D= BigHat
6E= BigHat2
6F= BigHat3
70= BigHatSP
71= RareBigHat
72= RareBigHat2
73= BombCorn
74= MegaCorn
75= GigaCorn
76= BombCornSP
77= RareBombCorn
78= RareBombCorn2
79= Shrubby
7A= Shrubby2
7B= Shrubby3
7C= ShrubbySP
7D= RareShrubby
7E= RareShrubby2
7F= HoneyBomber
80= HoneyBomber2
81= HoneyBomber3
82= HoneyBomberSP
83= RareHoneyBobmer
84= RareHoneyBomber2
85= Gunner
86= Shooter
87= Sniper
88= GunnerSP
89= RareGunner
8A= RareGunner2
8B= FighterPlane
8C= FighterPlane2
8D= FighterPlane3
8E= FighterPlaneSP
8F= RareFighterPlane
90= RareFighterPlane2
91= DarkMech
92= ElecMech
93= DoomMech
94= DarkMechSP
95= RareDarkMech
96= RareDarkMech2
97= SnakeArm
98= SnakeArm2
99= SnakeArm3
9A= SnakeArmSP
9B= RareSnakeArm
9C= RareSnakeArm2
9D= Armadill
9E= Armadill2
9F= Armadill3
A0= ArmadillSP
A1= RareArmadill
A2= RareArmadill2
A3= Cragger
A4= MetalCragger
A5= BigCragger
A6= CraggerSP
A7= RareCragger
A8= RareCragger2
A9= Nightmare
AA= BlackMare
AB= DarkMare
AC= NightmareSP
AD= RareNightmare
AE= RareNightmare2
AF= Dustman Mini-Game 1
B0= Dustman Mini-Game 2
B1= Dustman Mini-Game 3
B4= One Trash flies at the enemy.
B5= Tomahawkman Mini-Game 1
B6= Tomahawkman Mini-Game 2
B7= Tomahawkman Mini-Game 3
B8= Tomahawkman Mini-Game 4 (glitched)
B9= Tomahawkman Mini-Game 5 (glitched)
BA= Tomahawkman Mini-Game 6 (glitched)
BB= No Name Mettaur
BC= No Name Mettaur2
BD= No Name Mettaur3
BE= No Name MettaurSP
BF= No Name RareMettaur
C0= No Name RareMettaur2

As far as I know, all viruses work with each other in the same battle. What a wide variety to choose from! However, there are more values to choose from. These aren’t real enemies, but names of of objects from BN5’s Operation Battle.

C1= Mettaur1
C2= Mettaur1EX
C3= Mettaur2
C4= Mettaur2EX
C5= Mettaur3
C6= Mettaur3EX
C7= Tuby
C8= TubyEX
C9= Tuby2
CA= Tuby2EX
CB= Tuby3
CC= Tuby3EX
CD= Flag
CE= Rock
CF= Otenko
D0= RockCube
D1= IceCube
D4= BombCube
D5= BlackBomb
D6= Wind
D7= Fan
D8= TimeBomb
D9= TimeBomb+
DB= Anubis
DC= PoisonPharoah
DD= Fanfare
DE= Discord
DF= Timpani
E0= Silence
E1= DarkSonic
E2= VDoll
E3= Guradian
E4= Voltz
E5= AirSpin
E6= ChaosLord
E7= RedFruit
E8= ChemicalFlash
E9= ModMegaman
EA= BassCrossMegaman
EC= BLAMK NAME (“EX” in JP version)

These work with the “Name Mod” cheat mentioned at the end of the guide.
Here’s what your battle may look like.
user posted image
So far everything has been changed from what we started with.

Hold on, we’re not done yet. One last thing. What about Navis? Well? Lets use that Haunted Candle (or whatever you chose as an enemy) and turn it into a Navi. Its block ends on the second row. That 00 means something. This is basically a yes or no question. Is it a Navi? 00 is no, 01 is yes. Change it to a 01, will ya.
And Viola! You have a Navi in that battle!
user posted image

But what about other Navis? Well, it all goes in order. According to the game, Grega version came before Faltzer, so its Navis come first. Here is a list of Virus to navi outcomes.

Navi List

00=  Test Virus  =  Megaman
01=  Mettaur      =  Heatman
07=  Piranha      =  Elecman
0D=  Heady       =  Slashman
13=  Swordy      =  Killerman
19=  KillerEye     =  Chargeman
1F=  Quaker       =  Aquaman
25=  Catack       =  Tomahawkman
2B=  Champy     =  Tenguman
31=  Windbox     =  Groundman
37=  Trumpy      =  Dustman
3D= OldStove    =  Protoman
43=  HauntedCandle =  Blastman
49=  Kettle         =   Diveman
4F=  Puffy          =  Circusman
55=  Starfish      =  Judgeman
5B=  EarthDragon = Elementman
61=  Scarecrow  =  Hakushaku (Japanese version only, otherwise it does nothing)
67=  Pulsebulb    =  Colonel
6D=  BigHat        =  Bass
73=  BombCorn   =  Grega (Grega version only)
79=  Shrubby      =  Faltzer (Faltzer version only)
7F=  HoneyBomber=  Crossover Hakushaku (Japanese version only)
85=  Gunner        =  Grega Beast Out
8B=  HoneyBomber=  Faltzer Beast Out
91=  DarkMech     =  Megaman
97=  SnakeArm    =  Megaman
9D=  Armadill       =  Playable Navi Names
A3=  Cragger       =  Megaman
A9=  Nightmare    =  Crashes game

There’s more. You can access higher versions of Navis by picking the next version of a virus from the value list. All versions are sorted in a similar order. This should be true for most Navi outcomes.

Version Outcomes
V1 = V1
V2 = EX
V3 = SP
R1 = BX
R2 = __

Well that should cover the basics on hacking the enemies. Now that you know what all the value spot mean, you can freely edit an enemy in battle. Just remember a simple phrase, sentence, thing, that easily explains what all 4 values mean for an enemy.

Kind – Location – Virus -Navi

You can use this to self correct yourself in case you get lost.

So now lets go back to trying to editing Megaman.
The first value, F0 is from the previous battle. It separates the two. The 00s might get a bit confusing, but remember the phrase. If you remember from the Kind list, 00 is Megaman, the one you control. This will automatically override the virus value, remember that.
22, that’s easy to spot. That’s his location. You start on the middle panel, so 22 is the middle panel. The ASCII diagram should help you pick out a value in case you don’t want him to start there.
These next values won’t change anything unless you change the Kind value. So, lets try it out. Lets change his kind to 12, ally.
user posted image
This is what you should have gotten. Now that Megaman is an automated intelligent enemy (A.I.) you have no control over him. The HP and emotion window tend to be a bother now. There are cheats in the cheats section in the bottom that clears this up.
The virus value is 00 and there is no Navi trigger, so right now, you have a Test Virus on your side. Change the values to what you want right now, so if that’s what you want, leave it like that.

So far, you can let an enemy play for you. Some restrictions apply, though. Always remember this note when creating a battle:

Megaman and Viruses can attack anyone
Navis can only attack Megaman.

If any of these are not in your battle, that enemy won’t function properly. We can fix that later.

But for now, you may be thinking, “How do I actually control a Navi?” Well, there is a cheat for that, and I’ll explain how to do that now. I’ll use Bass as an example, so follow along.
user posted image
So far, you’ve got just plain ol’ Bass right there fighting for you. Now, use this cheat.

82034080 0002
8203A9D8 01A0

To use cheats, go to “Cheats” and select “Cheat List”. A window should pop up. Click on “Code Breaker” located near the bottom. Copy the cheat into that and hit OK.

Now, back to the battle. The screen should look different now.
user posted image
The HP and emotion window are accurate now. Try to play the battle. You are in complete control over Bass now. Move, attack! Well, that’s all there is to it. However, there’s a catch. What the cheat does is just put back a playable Megaman in your place. You have Bass’ abilities, (Float Shoes, element, etc.) but you can’t use his moves. You are still Megaman! Still, it looks cool, and the fact that YOU make the moves, is close enough. Buster mods will get you similar moves, but NEVER his real moves.

Now, what about the number of enemies? This questions has come up some handful of times with the previous guide. Luckily, I will cover it right here, right now!
Take a look at this picture.
user posted image
I’ve highlighted, in red, the area that you can edit to add more enemies or objects. If you remember from the Kind list, F0 is the divider. This ends the battle and begins the next. So to make the battle longer, we’ll add a valid enemy to the field. Lets change F0 to 12, an ally.
You can’t stop there, though. Remember the order that the data is read in. After the Kind value, you need the location. Since this will be your ally, pick a reasonable value. We’ll make him start in front of you, so it’s 23. And now, the virus value. I’ll use Slashman EX, so the virus value is 0E. He’s a Navi, so 01 on the last value.
Got lost? Always remember that when adding new enemies, and such, ask yourself these questions for the values.
“What will it be? Where will it go? Who is it? Is it a Navi?”

Remember that when you are done adding enemies, you need to add F0 right after the Navi Trigger, the last value we changed.
If you did it right, the battle should look like this.
user posted image
If you know what you are doing, you should be able to reduce the number of enemies by changing their Kind value to F0 and cutting off that battle from that point. You will always need one to make the battle work. Maximum 4 enemies on each side.

Well, that’s about it! The choice of enemies for that battle is all in your hands! But don’t stop there! You can do more!!

Now, we go up a little. To a place that lets us change other aspects of the battle. First, copy the address of your game to follow along.

Faltzer Version (English) = 080B3750
Faltzer Version (Japanese) = 080B5B74
Grega Version (English) = 080B4FC0
Grega Version (Japanese) = 080B73D4

This is what the screen looks like here.
user posted image
I highlighted the area that you are supposed to change in this area. Don’t bother changing anything outside of it. Just follow directions.

First off, Panel Setup. This value starts at 00. Value 00 is a blank stage. I swear, about 98% of battles recorded never change the stage. If you need a variety, change the stage.
Each value brings up a different stage. Since there are so many, sets, I saved some results in a folder.
Download them here!

That’s all there is to panel sets. You can find some more if you’d like, but anything past about B0 are corrupt.

Next up, 14. Sorry, I honestly have no idea what this is. As far as I know, it’s functionless.

So forget about 14, now you’ve got 15. This is an important value. It is the music. 15 is Virus Battle. Here is the list of music values.

Music List

00= No Music
01= Main Theme
02= WWW Theme
03= Cyber City Theme
04= Indoors Theme
05= School Theme
06= Seaside Town Theme
07= Sky Town Theme
08= Green Town Theme
09= Graveyard Area Theme
0A= Mr. Weather Comp Theme
0B= Event Occurance
0C= Crisis Theme
0D= Sad Theme
0E= Hero Theme
0F= Jack In!
10= Robo Control Comp
11= Aquarium Comp
12= Judge Tree Comp
13= Network Theme
14= Undernet Theme
15= Virus Battle
16= Boss Battle
17= CyberBeast Battle
18= Pavilion Theme
19= Results
1A= Loser
1B= Game Over
1C= Boss Encounter Theme
1D= Credits
1E= Navi Customizer Theme
1F= Results (short version)
20= Pavilion Comp
21= Theme of the CyberBeasts
22= Crossover Battle Theme
23= Panic Theme
24= ACDC Town
25= Expo Theme
26-~60= Blank

Values around 60 and up are sounds. I don’t think you want a sound as your music, since it only plays once. There is an upside to having no music. If you are planning on recording a battle, no music is helpful. Here’s why.
When the music is blank, you can take the movie file and add music of your choice. It’s really fun. Lots of people have done that.

This next value is 00. It’s still important, but optional. This changes the “Battle Type“. Different types of battles exist, and can be played by this value. Here’s a list, if you are planning on changing it.

Battle Type List

00= Normal Battle
01= Crossover Battle (does not work in Japanese version)
02= Battle Tutorial 1
03= Battle Tutorial 2
04= Battle Tutorial 3
05= Beast Out Tutorial
06= Virus Battler (will freeze if you add more than 4 enemies)
07= Tomahawkman in Mini Game mode (B will be for Tomahawk Swing)
08= Cross Tutorial
09= Dustman in Mini Game mode (A will be for Sucking in and B will be for Dust Break)
0A= Hakushaku’s Invincible Mode (wait 4 turns to initiate Django Scene) ( does not work in US version)
0B= Hakushaku’s Defeat (Django and Megaman finish off Hakushaku; does not work in the US version)
0C=below = Game crashes

Some of these give you preloaded folders, and some will not, allowing you to not go on. Another value helps you fix this. Here’s a picture with a battle type added.
user posted image

Well that’s done. Up next, you have a value FF. This value is Background, and luckily, is easy to spot. FF simply means it’s adaptive to the background of the area you’re in. But since we can’t switch the background on the map, we must change it in battle. Here is the list of available backgrounds.

Background List

00= Lan’s PC BG
02= Extra Area BG (freezes)
03= Seaside HP
04= Sky HP
05= Green HP
06= RoboControl BG
07= Regular Comp BG
08= Link Navi HP BG
09= Central Area BG
0A= Aquarium Comp BG
0B= Seaside Area BG
0C= Judgement Tree BG
0D= Green Area BG
0E= Sky Area BG
0F= Undernet BG
10= Mr. Weather Comp BG
11= Underground BG
12= CyberBeast Comp BG
13= ACDC Area BG
14= Graveyard Area BG
15= Stormy Mr. Weather Comp BG
16 and below crash game

Only one background doesn’t work. It’s an unfinished BG for an incomplete HP called “Extra”. Anyways, all these bring up the corresponding background. It’s an embarrassment on my part when I see a video with this background unchanged. Please make it something else!
user posted image

Next value you will find is 00. This is the number of the battle. For most battles, it is set to 00, so nothing different will happen. However, if you change it to 01, the battle will load with an extra message saying, “Battle 1 Start”. See for yourself.
user posted image
So if you put 02, it will say “Battle 2 Start”. So on until 9. Remember hex? That means 0A will be 10. Use Windows Calculator if you need to.

Going on. There is a value, 38 next to the one we just edited. This one is the Battlefield Modifier.
If any of you have played MMBN5, you may remember “Liberation Battles”. In these modes, the battlefield may have been different. There are tons of randomly generated sets, but there are only a few important ones.

00= You own all the area
30= You are one column closer to your enemy’s side.
33= You are pincered
3C= Your enemy is one column closer to your side.
47= Blue and Red areas are swapped
5E= Big area belonging to you in the middle
4C= Pincered enemy
FF= The enemy owns all the area

Remember a couple of things, though. This is basically Liberation mode reused and modified. These are used in Tomahawkman’s mini game simply to own all the area.
In any set that you are pincered, or similar, L and R cause you to turn around so you can attack the enemies behind you. Because of that, you have to use a cheat (mentioned in the cheats section of the guide) to enter the Custom screen By pushing L and R at the same time, or once the gauge is full.
Also, since enemies are no longer programmed to turn around and attack you, they end up attacking in the wrong direction. You can fix this problem, in a way. Remember Kind value? If you add 2 to it, they will flip around while maintaining their team value. (friend or foe)
user posted image
Though that battle may not be correct anymore, you can easily go back and change it using the first address mentioned at the top.
For Kind, if I wanted Blastman to face the right direction, instead of having a value of 11, it would be 13. Same for Slashman. If you want him turned around, instead of his value being 12, it would be 14.
Remember that you can only move in the red area. If you are surrounded by blue panels, you won’t be able to go anywhere. For columns, you cannot jump inside isolated areas. So only the areas around you can be reached. But at least your ally can use them.

Almost there. This is another important value. The 00 next to the value we just edited and E2 is some sort of value of rarity. I really have no idea how it really works but if you put a 01 in it, you won’t be able to find that battle. Now, don’t be silly. Only make the values above and below, a 01. This means the hacked battle is the only battle you will find. Really helpful! Just don’t forget to scroll back to the line you are editing, or you will be lost.

Finally, you’ve reached the end, E2. This final value is chip start modifier. I don’t have a clue how this works. 00 makes your folder come in order, so it’s kind of cheap. But it can do more. Change the E2 to E1 and the 00 one value over to a 01 and you can skip the results screen.. Whether it is useful to you or not, you don’t have to do it, but it is recommended for chained battles (numbered battles).
Also, you can change it to C0 to make you unable to run away. This has very selective purpose since you won’t have to push R. But for text hackers, this is a freebie.

Phew! That’s it! You’ve finished. You’ve turned an ordinary battle into an impossible-to-exist hacked battle!
user posted image
Now, the rest is entirely optional but…

You can still do much more. Maybe a year ago, this was the best it was going to get. But now, there are cheats that can make the battle better in many ways.
Don’t think of cheats as bad. There are good cheats, as well as stupid ones.

When I mean cheats, don’t think about those “Infinite HP” cheats or “Always 9999 damage”. These cheats change specific aspects of the battle that would otherwise be useless to a non battle hacker. First, I would like to introduce the Slot Modifiers. This is a set of cheats that modify only the enemy in that slot.
If you remember earlier, slots are the enemies you entered while making the battle. So Megaman will be 0th slot, because it will almost always be occupied by him ,and isn’t added to the enemy list on the upper right corner of the screen.
I will be using different battles to explain these cheats, just to show their effect.

0th Slot Cheats

Name ID Modifier
8203A9D8 0YXX

HP Modifier
D0000020 0004
8203A9D4 XXXX

Levitate Yourself

Color Modifier
3203AA44 00XX

AI Modifer
82034080 XX0Y

Level Enhancer
32034096 00XX

1st Slot Cheats

Name ID Modifier
8203AAB0 0YXX

HP Modifier
D0000020 0004

Number of Chips Held
D0000020 0004
3203AAA2 00XX

Chip Modifier

Levitate Enemy

Color Modifier
3203AB1C 00XX

AI Modifier
82034180 XX0Y

Level Enhacner
32034196 00XX

2nd Slot Cheats

Name ID Modifier
8203AB88 0YXX

HP Modifier
D0000020 0004
8203AB84 XXXX

Number of Chips Held
D0000020 0004

Chip Modifier
8203AB8A 00XX

Levitate Enemy

Color Modifier
3203ABF4 00XX

AI Modifier
82034280 XX0Y

Level Enhancer
32034296 00XX

3rd Slot Cheats

Name ID Modifier
8203AC60 0YXX

HP Modifier
D0000020 0004

Number of Chips Held
D0000020 0004
3203AC52 00XX

Chip Modifier
8203AC62 XXXX

Levitate Enemy
8203AC76 XXXX

Color Modifier
3203ACCC 00XX

AI Modifier
82034380 XX0Y

Level Enhancer
32034396 00XX

Now, what do these cheats do? I’ll explain all of them, and what values to put as well as an example.

Name ID Modifier

user posted image
In this picture, I used the 1st Slot cheat. I am battling Circusman, but the name being shown is Protoman (the name that appears when you play as him)
The value you use here is exactly the same as the virus values you used to create the battle, only backwards. Y will be 01 if it is a Navi, and 00 if it isn’t. XX is the actual value. Here’s when you can actually use the BN5 names.
Alternatively, you can text hack a name, then use this to get the name to show up in battle.

This cheat has been used as a fix when you are using other Navis, but not controlling them. By adding this line in front of the cheat:

D0000020 0001

The name will change to that what you specified when you push A. Now, your Navi will have an enemy to hit while battling. There is one downside though. This will only work on the first enemy. So what I did there is correct if I am letting another Navi play for me.
The “target” names are always the Navis you play as, and they have a specific value you can use. Here is a list, if you actually want to use them:

Target Name List
01A0= MegaMan
01A1= HeatMan
01A2= ElecMan
01A3= SlashMan
01A4= KillerMan
01A5= ChargeMan
01A6= AquaMan
01A7= TomahawkMan
01A8= TenguMan
01A9= GroundMan
01AA= DustMan
01AB= ProtoMan

HP Modifier

user posted image
Sounds simple enough. You can change their HP. I am using it for the 2nd Slot this time.
The XXXX is what you replace for a hex value to get that HP. I gave the 2nd virus 9999 HP. So to get that in hex, open up Windows Calculator. Make sure you are viewing it in “Scientific Mode”. Write down the amount of HP you want it to have, and when you’re done, click on the “Hex” circle. Now you should have your value in hex, 270F. Plug that in for the Xs and when you push Select in battle, the virus gains HP! easy, right?

Number of Chips Held, Chip Held

user posted image
Woah! Look at that! That Puffy virus has a GolemHit1 chip, and 3 of them!
This is what you do to make this possible. The first cheat is Number of chips held. Simple enough. You change XX to a hex number from 0-10. Any more, and it wont work. (not to mention dumb-looking)

The next cheat, Chip Held, determines what chip the virus will hold. It’s all in values, so make your pick from the master list.
Chip List
Now you can combine the cheats and use them. In battle, push Select, and the virus will hold that many of that chip. However, if you are not satisfied with the button you have to push, refer to this page.
GBA Jokers (button values)

One more thing. Only some viruses are programmed to use chips. So if you are planning on using these, stick to viruses who can actually use them.

Chip-Using Virus List

Alright? Got that? No Navis!

Levitate Enemy

user posted image
I used all 3 slot cheats this time. Remember this: This effect is entirely cosmetic. Eye candy. Cool-looking. It doesn’t affect the actual battle in any way. Just for fun, remember that.
Change XXXX to a small value, like 10, or 20. You can levitate so much, you’ll go off the screen.
However, this won’t work on playable Names/Navis (Megaman, Heatman, Elecman, etc.) so stick to enemies.

Color Modifier

user posted image
Basically, it is a visual effect. It might look like I’m battling different Mettaurs, but I really just changed the color, and only the color.
The values you use are usually small, like 01, or 02. This will usually get the color of the next version of the virus, or shades it might use. Again, it is purely visual. It won’t make any other difference than that.

AI Modifier

user posted image
I bet you don’t even know what this cheat is supposed to do, huh?
It’s an “AI Modifier” because it changes the “Automated Intelligence” used. Basically the way an enemy plays out. You have control over which one is used for that slot, here. But wait, now the values you have to put in.
Y is the Navi trigger you’ve grown familiar to. Change it 01 to make it a Navi. XX values are different. Rather than keep different values for different levels of difficulty, they have been cut down to one value per Virus/Navi. Here is the list, that happens to be true for some other things in the game as well.

Enemy Value List V2

01= Heatman
02= Elecman
03= Slashman
04= Killerman
05= Chargeman
06= Aquaman
07= Tomahawkman
08= Tenguman
09= Groundman
0A= Dustman
0B= Protoman
0C= Blastman
0D= Diveman
0E= Circusman
0F= Judgeman
10= Elementman
11= Hakushaku (this does not work in the US version)
12= Colonel
13= Bass
14= Grega (this does not work)
15= Faltzer (same as above)
16= Crossover Hakushaku (doesn’t work)
17= GBeast
18= FBeast

The Navi’s equivalent virus is still the same, so Faltzer would be Shrubby without the Navi Trigger on.
In the picture, Slashman is acting as Bass. This looks exciting, but there are limitations.
Since it is only sprites and sprites have values for moves, attack animations are limited to value. You can’t do much about it, but at least most moves will play out. For example, Circusman’s attacks may have a high sprite value. Something someone such as Blastman may not have. Watch them play, and see if they’re compatible.

Level Enhancer

user posted image

That seems impossible, right? Protoman’s attack just did 9999 damage and Uninstalled most of my NaviCust programs, and paralyzed me. He is also moving at incredible speeds. This cheat basically requires you to choose a value, 00-04 for legitimate versions, and above values for random gamble. In the picture, I used this:

32034196 0054

Try it out. It works.
But of course, that is a lucky value. Making a full list of “good values” would take a long time. That was just luck. You can try too! it’s wild!!

That ends the slot cheats. Seems to be enough for a single enemy. And yet, there are more! This part, again, is optional. But if you like to try new things, go for it! These are classified as Miscellaneous cheats. Behold.

Misc. Cheats

No Emotion Window
32035292 00F0

user posted image
You don’t have an emotion window. However, the cheat can’t keep up when you open the custom screen, so you see the emotion window for a bit.

L+R for Custom Screen
74000130 00FF
320348B2 0013

You will need this when you are in any pincered stage setup.

No Time Freeze
720348B2 0005
320348B2 0001

user posted image
This neat little cheat lets you play during time freezing moves. okay if you prefer a battle to keep on going instead of stopping. Note though that Navi chips that were meant to flinch, flinch on every attack, so rapid hits may not be as good, like Groundman. Still fun though.

Custom Screen Auto-Opens
720348B2 0003
320348B2 0013

Just like in Liberation Missions! You enter the Custom Screen the instant the Custom Gauge is full. You must be very skilled if you want to use this. It is also an okay substitute for the L+R for Custom Screen cheat.

Start+R for Soul Unison
74000130 02F7
320364C1 0024

user posted image

Can you believe it? Soul Unison, (or Double Soul, as some of you may recognize it as) is still in this game! Well, you don’t become a soul, because obviously, they don’t exist anymore. Instead, you Beast Out, which is helpful, in case you run out of turns and wnat one more turn of regular Beast Out, or want to go Beast Over quickly.
Fortunately, the system of Soul Unison has been tampered with, so you no longer lose a chip when uniting, but rather, can’t select it for that turn. You can unite several times, but can’t use the chips you united with. As glitchy as it may be, you can Beast Out, and unite at the same time!

L or R for flip
D0000020 0200
320340C5 0002
D0000020 0100
320340C5 0003

This lets you turn around even in a normal battle. I don’t see how this could hepl, but it’s worth playing with, right?

Fast Background
3204A881 0019

user posted image

This is one strange cheat. By combining certain layers, the speed of the background in battle goes up. The background will always go to the bottom right, but fast.
However, as you can see in the picture, maps will scatter like the background and it seems impossible to navigate. This also goes for menus. But, hey, this cheat is for battles only.

Hold Background Direction
x=axis 82049690 XXXX
y-axis 82049694 YYYY

So basically this cheat holds the background and stops it from moving. Since backgrounds all move at different speeds and directions, you have to make your pick on which one to stop. So for ACDC HP’s background, XXXX can be replaced for any value to hold it at a certain direction, so it would move from up to down.
A good cheat if you like difference. This cheat is rarely used, so show everyone how fun it can be.

Push Select for Minor Shake
D0000002 0004
8204998C 0100

All this does is, when you push Select, the screen shakes a bit. I have no idea when you’d like to use it, but if you put modify the cheat just right, it will make an enemy’s attacks more interesting. But at the moment, it seems like I’m the only one that can do that. biggrin.gif

Net Battle Style
720348DC 001F
820348BC XXXX

user posted image user posted image user posted image

This is personally my favorite cheat. It adds the aspects of a real Net Battle in an ordinary in game battle. This makes the game just a tad harder, like it should have been. I enjoy Net Battles with real people. (Greiga Master and I battled often)
So what gets added is the ability to get countered, which is fun, by the way. You get into Angry emotion more often. And, you get a high level reward at the end, with the WINNER screen, too.
Downside is that in normal play, this cheat won’t work on battles you manually accept, like freebattles, Link Navis, etc.
To actually make it work, replace XXXX for the value mention under the version of your game.

US Faltzer

US Grega

JP Faltzer

JP Grega

When your HP hits red, the music will speed up, panic style, until you go back to normal. Really fun. Have fun Net Battling!

Shadow Mode
33006184 0000

user posted image

This cheat is one of it’s kind, unique! All objects turn black, so everyone is a “shadow”. That’s all there is to it, I guess.

Still Background
3200A88A 0001

Should hold most backgrounds still, but you may have difficulty entering battles. Let me know if there are any problems.

Black Background
8200AC40 7D60

user posted image
This cheat hides the background so it is black. Dunno if you’ll find some use for it, but it’s worth trying. However, in overworld, everything is black.

No Stage
8200AC46 1D02

user posted image
Almost the same as the previous one, only there is no stage. Odd cheat, but worth trying, okay.

Music Speed Modifier
823508B0 XXXX

By replacing XXXX, you can change the speed of the music. Most music goes at about 80. Depending on what value you put, some music will sound fast, and some slow. Values too high may cause the game to crash. But hey, some music sounds good fast, or slow. Experiment with that. I betcha nobody else has. wink.gif

Start with Cross Modifier
320047E3 00XX

Yay! You can start with a cross. Some people may want to do that. Here’s the list.

01 Heat Cross
02 Elec Cross
03 Slash Cross
04 Killer Cross
05 Charge Cross
06 Aqua Cross
07 Tomahawk Cross
08 Tengu Cross
09 Ground Cross
0A Dust Cross
0B Greiga Beast Out
0C Faltzer Beast Out
0D Heat Beast
0E Elec Beast
0F Slash Beast
10 Killer Beast
11 Charge Beast
12 Aqua beast
13 Tomahawk Beast
14 Tengu Beast
15 Ground Beast
16 Bust Beast
17 Greiga Beast Over
18 Faltzer Beast Over

Replace Sound Modifier
7200A49C XXXX
8200A49C XXXX

You can replace music as well as sounds. Sound values start at around 70. I can’t help you much here. The first line is the sound you want to replace. Look in the memory viewer with that address to see what value it is. The second line is the sound you want to hear instead. Again, watch the values to see what sound is what. I doubt anyone will be making a list, so you have to be independent. wink.gif

Body Type Modifier
320340CA 00XX

01= Virus Body
FF= Shield Body

This changes Megaman’s body. The 0th slot. 01 means you won’t flinch or become invisible. FF means attacks will not hurt you. StoneBody, man! biggrin.gif

No Custom Gauge and HP Bar
8200AC4A 1F07

I guess you could do the same by pushing Ctrl+4, but this does the same thing. You won’t see the top part of the screen. A battle will look really empty when you get rid of these…

Beast Over AI for 1st Enemy

user posted image
This cheat is still in development. What this does is makes the first enemy shoot and use chips on you. For it to work, you need to have Net Battle Mode on and give it Megaman’s AI. I used this cheat, try it for yourself.

8203CE90 0129
720348DC 001F
820348BC 5E44
82034180 0002

Duplicate Fighters
D0000020 0004
32034883 0000
user posted image
This is one of my newest cheats. To use it correctly, you must hold Select while the enemies are loading. Doing so will make them appear again, and again, and again. All characters are reloaded. However, you can only have up to 4. Once you hit 4, the game won’t let you go on. If you hold it a litte, you can duplicate once. Still, the clones you make are useless unless you Beast Over, I think. That’s where the Soul Unison cheat helps. If you have 4 enemies to begin with, this cheat won’t work.

So. Now what?
You can do all sorts of changes to battles now, but it would be a pity if you used it just to entertain yourself. Well hacking battles can be used for other things. If you didn’t realize, VBA can record AVI files (I’ll cover this in just a sec). With 1 year of hacking history in TREZ, I have noticed a few popular trends you might like.

I personally despise buster challenges. Just hate them. 4 minutes of the most boring thing you’ll ever see. By hacking, your possibilities of battles to do are almost endless. No longer are you limited to set encounters to beat. You can make the battle any way you want and take on some of the most difficult challenges, that require skill! And it’s really easy too. One might request a difficult 4 on 4 battle. Or they may request a battle against many tough opponents. New possibilities open! Many people have found how exciting this can be. You can be one of them.

This became increasingly popular because battles are the most exciting part of a series. It’s a mini-series because you can create your own storylines via Windows Movie Maker and add a battle to the video. There are a few true successors out there. Maybe if you use the right elements, you can make the new best mini-series!

For Fun
I am an example of this. Nobody tells me what battle to do. I just come up with an idea, and record it. Some other people do this, and usually something stands out, like a special modification, or appearence of battle. It’s been done, and if you feel like just doing it, do it.

I wouldn’t exactly make this an option, but some people have actually hacked and recorded scenarios. Certainly add more reason to a For Fun video, and isn’t really a mini-series either. One day, I’m sure perfect scenario hacking will be possible, so you can actually choose to do so.

Now what about recording? VBA can record AVI, or video files of your gameplay. Sadly, about 80% of recorded videos have bad quality. I’m making it a personal duty to change this. Reason is because I record the best quality than anyone, or most people. You can too.
You will need one thing:

Windows Movie Maker (download here)

Download it and install it. Now get ready for a guide within a guide. lol.gif
I suggest everyone to read it.
First, we must record a video. Obviously you want to record a battle. I’ll let this battle play on as an example.
user posted image

I used these cheats, in case you’re interested.

8203AAB0 01AB
8203AB88 01AB
8203AC60 01AB

82034180 0002
82034280 0002
82034380 0002

720348DC 001F
820348BC 5E44

8203CE90 0129

In chunks, cheats are: Protoman ally name. Megaman AI. Net Battle Style. Beast Over AI.

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